Hannah Rozsa

Bio: I graduated from Hillsdale College in 2014 with a degree in English literature. During my time there, I also extensively studied vocal performance, art history, Latin, and classical figure sculpture. The summer after graduation, I apprenticed under Tony Frudakis, a classical realist sculptor located in Hillsdale, Michigan. Shortly after graduation, I was hired to work for Marketing at the College. I've always been fascinated by the connections that can be drawn between every subject under the sun. Because I have focused in the arts in my own studies, I'm currently working on understanding the connections between art, theology, and literature. My most recent paper was entitled, "Freedom of Relation: Martin Heidegger on the Problems Developed in Sacred Artwork," in which I explored Heidegger's claims about the nature of artwork in relation to the sacred artwork of both the Byzantine Orthodox Church and the Dutch masters. I'm currently looking to go to graduate school for Art History to both further my education and enable me to better be able to teach studio art and art history in a Classical Christian School. *Pictures are not mine unless otherwise specified.

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